Snow Forecast Feeds

If you run a website or blog and want to offer the latest snow forecasts for local spots to your visitors we can sort it out. All you need to do is choose your resort from the right and cut and paste the code into your webpage.

Terms & Conditions

Just the usual stuff, nothing sinister, we're not lawyers so please don't agree to these terms unless you accept the clear general spirit in which they are created:
All code, imagery and data remains our copyright. We're not giving you permission to grab anything you want from our site or to change or alter anything given in any way. Any modification of the ticket code will be considered a breach of our copyright.
If you take this free web code you accept all responsibility for using it and any problems caused by it. We offer you absolutely no warranty of guarantees of fitness for any purpose.
You accept all responsibility for liability resulting from claims from your visitors based on innaccurate or misinterpreted data.
If you want to tickets for more than five locations please get in touch. Changes and Updates We reserve the right to change the appearance of the tickets at any time. We're very unlikely to do this without warning you. Your ticket won't suddenly become an advert three months down the line!
We reserve the right to cancel your feed at any time for any reason without notice. You have no contract with us and data is supplied at our discretion. Again we're not assholes and it's really unlikely we'd cancel without telling you.

Web Code

Please copy and paste this code exactly as it is into your webpage.
If you think you need to modify it in any way please get in touch first.
This code will give a forecast exactly like the one above.
For other locations pick a new spot from the list at the top of the page.
Any problems give us a shout.