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About our forecasts
Our data
Our snow forecasts are based on the very latest data collected from large weather agencies, principally the GFS model. We run a complex suite of in-house software to crunch this data and try to predict from it exactly what will be happening and where on the mountain.

How does it work?
Our biggest task is to work out how the overall model data will affect different areas on the mountain at different altitudes. The forecast at resort level can be very different from the top lift and we try to take this into account to provide a truly useful service.

Weather conditions can change fast - so all our forecasts and charts are updated four times a day.

Fresh Snow Rating
We can't have reps on the ground everywhere so we work backwards using our forecasts for the past twenty four hours to see how much snow might have fallen and to make sure that the temperature is right for it to stay around. If you want to score fresh tracks the best way has to be to get on the piste early every day - but if you've been doing the apres ski bit hard and like a lie in this might help you spot the days worth getting up early for.

How accurate is it?
Mountain forecasts are notoriously difficult to create accurately. We've been on the piste at 1600m and it's been clear sky and sunshine and just below the cloud tops it's been snowing heavily. We do adjust for this kind of situation but can't model every possibility with precision for every area of the piste. We've been using these forecasts for a couple of years now and more often than not we've managed to get to the right resort to score some decent conditions even when an area has been suffering unseasonably warm temperatures, lack of snow or high winds closing lifts. If we can help you do the same it's mission accomplished for us.

Like any forecast there will be times when the model is more or less able to create an accurate forecast from the current conditions. Also just like any other forecast the longer range you look the more error creeps in and the less accurate the product becomes.